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These first two weeks of July have been crazy!  Since my last post we've had 4th of July, a camping trip, some playdates at the park and at a friend's house, special library events, gardening and just trying to keep up with regular life!  The summer doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon either!  We're going camping again this weekend and have more park days, bird club meetings, and library events planned through the end of July.  August is going to be just as busy with church camp, BBQs, birthdays, our anniversary, and then ending it with a road trip!  At least I can't say we didn't do anything this summer!

I meant to make some announcements a lot earlier, but better late than never, right?  Back at the beginning of June I was accepted onto my first CT for Leaving a Legacy Designs. I was super stoked and couldn't have asked for a better designer to CT for!

In June, I also submitted a layout to Jen C Designs guest CT call.  I figured it was a long shot, but I loved the mini she created for the call and figured it didn't hurt to try!  Well, you guessed it, I was chosen.  I'm a July guest on her CT.   This is pretty exciting! Jen puts out a lot of great kits!

Right about the time I was offered a guest spot by Jen, I had a scrapping Facebook friend message me.  She said Designs by Laura Burger had a couple openings and was asking her CT for recommendations.  My friend thought I'd be a good fit on Laura's team and said if I wanted to apply she'd put in a good word for me.  Boy, am I glad I took her up on that!  I hadn't worked with Laura's designs that much previously, but I really love her stuff!

On top of learning to be a CT to three different designers, I entered myself into the This Scrapper's Got Talent competition at Stuff to Scrap.  I didn't realize when I signed up what all I'd be doing.  I really didn't realize how much I'd be challenged or how into it I'd get.  The competition has really bumped my courage up. On Saturday, I submitted my round 4 layout.  I'm waiting to hear today if I'll be selected into the last round. I haven't been scrapping for that long and didn't consider myself that good of a scrapper, so I'm really proud of myself for making it this far! I'm starting to realize, between being accepted onto CTs and TSGT, that I'm actually pretty good at this scrapping stuff.  And I have fun doing it!

Over the next couple days, I'll be showcasing the recent kits the designers have put out.  They are all amazing and you'll want to stay tuned!  I'll also show you what I've entered into the TSGT competition.  I'll be checking STS all day waiting to hear the results of this last round! I want to be a finalist!

So keep an eye out here for all the great stuff coming your way!  {And don't worry GIMPers, I know I've promised you some tutorials.  They are coming!}

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